Young Magic

Meant to post this a while ago but I totally forgot the name of the band after I listened to it. I was googling ‘Youth Magic’, ‘Magic Youth’, I think I even took a punt on ‘Black Magic’. No.

Young Magic are from Australia and making some really great stuff, don’t know much more yet. ‘You With Air’ is one of my favourite new tunes of the year, have a listen below or get it free here. If you’re lucky enough to be going to SXSW, check them out!

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Bit of a beauty here from Kuaigora. Listen to ‘Daylight’ below and check some more tracks and videos here. They’re playing in London a lot over the next couple of months so plenty of chances to catch it live.

Currently listening to: Yuck – Yuck. Maybe a bit of thunder stolen by Radiohead this week, but Yuck’s debut album is out tomorrow and it’s great. Amazon. iTunes. Soundcloud.

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James Owen Fender

I posted James Owen Fender’s ace video for his single ‘The Cloud’ back in October, and got a really good reaction to it. He’s now back with a 4-track EP, entitled ‘WooF’. It comes out in March and includes ‘The Cloud’ along with a new single called ‘Everyday’. James also has a new (and possibly unrelated) video, but I’m including it here becuase it’s really lovely. Check it out below.

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Ra Cailum

From where I’m sitting (inside my house) it could plausibly be summer. Ok, there is a tree over there with no leaves on it and it’s a bit nippy but it’s so nice I’m choosing to ignore that. So today was a good day to finally get round to listening to the Ra Cailum EP I downloaded a couple of weeks ago. As far as I can tell Ra Cailum is one dude from Chicago making lots of interesting and lovely sounds. Check out one of the summeriest cuts from his ‘Leaving EP’ below and head to his bandcamp to download the whole EP for free.

Currently listening to: The Joy Formidable – The Big Roar. One of the longest awaited debut albums in musical history (not true) is, thankfully, bloody good. Amazon. Spotify.

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Peers are a Reading band that seem to really love much so that they only play in Reading and never come to London. Actually, I’m being a bit harsh here – they have a date booked in Windsor. To be fair I’m sure they’ll probably play in London when they’re ready, and on the strength of the demo of ‘Football’, it will definitely be worth a look. Listen/download for free via soundcloud below.

Currently listening to: Braids – Native Speaker. The band responsible for one of my favourite tunes of the back-end of 2010, Lemonade, have a debut album! Amazon. iTunes. Spotify.

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Tribes are a new UK band that are starting to gain a bit of momentum. Check out their track ‘Whenever’ below. It might be a single but I’m not too sure, it should be. They’re playing in London on 27th Jan @ XOYO with the equally promising Wilder. By the way, if you live in London, I ban you from staying in on January 27th. There are so many great gigs going on that you owe it to yourself to be out. Actually it’s slightly annoying, as I’m pretty much guaranteed to miss all but one of them. You can also grab an MP3 of Nightdriving below.

[MP3] Tribes – Nightdriving (demo)

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Civil Civic

A couple of Australians who formed a band at home and then moved to Europe; one to London and one to Barcelona. How they keep a band running so far apart I’m not sure, but they’re doing it pretty well. Check out ‘Run Overdrive’ below – bit fuzzy, bit post-punk, bit math-rock, very good.

[MP3] Civil Civic – Run Overdrive

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